About Mobile Pet Styling


Mobile Pet Styling is designed with the client in mind. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with a personalized, one on one grooming experience for those looking for steady, consistent, monthly grooming services.

Minimizing stress for your pet is our top priority. At Shear Luxury, we understand that not all dogs are comfortable with traditional salons. Sometimes just loading your pet into the vehicle can be a hassle enough - not to mention getting them to the salon.

Some dogs are easily stressed by other dogs (and people) they may not know. Mobile pet styling is perfect for those types of dogs because they are NEVER exposed to those situations. We host a calm, relaxing environment.

Shear Luxury Units come directly to you! Whether it's home or business, it doesn't matter. This convenient service allows you free time and saves on gasoline!

"Latch-Key" Services allow you to not even be at home when we come for grooming services. Although we do ask you to be there for the first initial visit.

Pet Styling services on Shear Luxury Units take about an hour (from start to finish) depending on the type of pet you've got.

Shear Luxury Units are 100% Self-Sustained! State of the art conversion technology in our units allow temperature control for both the air and water!

Lets Talk!

If you are serious about becoming a client, there are some things you should know.

Let's face it - we live in a BIG city! We are not able to service the entire city in one day, so we have divided Amarillo into specific "zones". We service certain zones each day of the week.

Due to our unique business, we work on a Routed System. That mean's you have to commit to an every 2 or 4 week schedule, scheduled for the entire year.

Because we work on a Routed System, and each of our clients commit to a yearly schedule, there may not be availability in your zone until something changes.

Dont fret! We are happy to take your information and keep it on our waitlist. As soon as an opening comes available in your zone, we will contact you and set up your schedule!


If you have more questions, and need more information, please TEXT us!
One of our representatives will contact you and get you the information you need!

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Monday - Friday : ROUTES BEGIN BETWEEN 7:30am & 8:30am
Saturday & Sunday : CLOSED